Founder Plush Bio

Pharm. Ioana Marinescu, Formulation Pharmacist, Specialist in Evaluating & Preparing Dermato-Cosmetics, RSD Member


Passionate about classical values, Pharm. Ioana Marinescu combines galenic formulas of the 'old fashioned recipes' type with the most modern research in the field of cosmetics and molecular chemistry.Thus, the quality standard of Plush products is one for the most demanding claims, for the most sensitive complexions and for the greatest egos.


What does PLUSH mean?

In the English-urban dictionary, Plush means luxurious, fabulous, soft as silk and cashmere combined...In our dictionary , Plush will mean the DNA of beauty. Because if we were to describe the Plush state, it would be the emotion left by the contemplation of a Picasso, the adrenaline born of a parachute flight and the joy of a flower found on the pillow in the morning. PLUSH was born out of desire!The desire to be beautiful...The desire to be as beautiful as when you're in love and your eyes betray you... The desire to stay in bed in the morning until he wakes up,without the need to run into the bathroom for a short touch with foundation and lipgloss.


Why Plush Luxury BIOcosmetics?


Because beauty is a luxury. It is not old and is essentially an emotion! Da Vinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", and Plush means all together: pure, natural and bio ingredients ennobled with state-of-the-art technologies!


Because self-confidence is a mixture of endorphins and pheromones, all Plush creams smell like exotic flower grown in the bathing islands ocean and kissed by tropical rains.


You're unique!


Your skin is the mirror of your emotions, fulfillment, sadness and care for yourself. Like you, it requires attention, care, perseverance. As the largest human organ, the skin reflects all good and bad changes in the body. It first shows signs that can reveal a disease, poor functionality of an organ or deficiency in our body. Understanding it you'll learn more about yourself, about your beauty, about the good things you need. By feeding it, you will prolong its emotions, its joys, its youth. And that's why we created PLUSH BIO. Because your skin needs energy.



Plush is all about a simple philosophy:

Everything we use for skin care should be of premium level!Thus, we believe that the ingredients we use must have the highest degrees of pharmaceutical purity: be natural, be devoid of parabens, chemical preservatives, synthetic dyes.We also love animals. So no ingredient in our products has been tested on animals and has brought them any suffering! 


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