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Pure Extract 8 – Arbutin , Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid

145.00 lei TVA inclus

Pure Extract 8 Retinol

189.00 lei TVA inclus

INTENSIVE ELIXIR – Royal Jelly, Honey and Vanilla from Madagascar

150.00 lei TVA inclus

Serenity Oil Ylang Ylang

109.00 lei TVA inclus

LA NUIT Regenerative Treatment with hemp oil, chamomile and lavender

109.00 lei TVA inclus

SOLEIL – Hyperpigmentation treatment with carrot oil and seabuckthorn

125.00 lei TVA inclus

PRIVATE ELIXIR – INTENSE LIFTING with colloidal gold, indian tuberose and Maui jasmine

250.00 lei TVA inclus

Be White – High Depigmentation

179.00 lei TVA inclus

Black beauty – scrub with brown sugar of Madagascar, coffee, cocoa

110.00 lei TVA inclus

Glycolic Scrub

110.00 lei TVA inclus

Vitamin C scrub with precious oils

123.00 lei TVA inclus

Pink Clay Mask

129.00 lei TVA inclus