Plush Luxurious Beauty Concept – BIOcosmetics

By Ioana Marinescu

What does PLUSH mean?
In English-urban dictionary, Plush means luxurious, fabulous, soft as silk and cashmere together …
In our dictionary now, will mean DNA Plush beauty. Because if I were to describe the state of Plush, she would be left contemplating a Picasso emotion, adrenaline born of a flight parachute and joy of a flower found on the pillow in the morning.
PLUSH was born from the desire!
The desire to be beautiful without Photoshop, without makeup, without plasty …
The desire to be beautiful when you’re in love and you betray your eyes … the desire to stay in bed the morning he wakes up, without the need to run into the bathroom for a quick retouch the foundation and lipgloss.
Luxury Plush BIOcosmetics Why?
Because beauty is a luxury. It does not age and is essentially an emotion!
Da Vinci said that „SIMPLICITY IS THE ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATION„! Plush and does it all mean: pure ingredients, natural and bio surfaced with the latest technology!
And because confidence is a mixture of endorphins and pheromones, all creams Plush are fragrant petals of exotic flowers grown in the islands washed by ocean and rain-kissed tropical.