Retinol Biologic Activator

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Retinol Biologic Activator

The range of cellular activators stimulates the biological and metabolic processes in the epidermis, having the quality of releasing the active ingredient gradually at the contact of its microcapsule with various enzymes in the skin. This type of action ensures both an obvious decrease in discomfort ( biological retinol ) and a high compatibility with the epidermis.

The activator with retinol is a formula with carefully selected active ingredients that aim to potentiate the action of the retinol in its composition.

Retinol is a complex and complete cosmetic active. Over the years, retinol ( vitamin A ) has proven to be extremely effective in treating and fading many skin problems: excess sebum, acne, wrinkles, pigmentations. In addition, retinol improves skin texture by giving it a velvety, smooth and radiant look.

The formula of retinol used in this formula is in microencapsulated one. Thus, the active ingredient is released gradually, targeted in the deep layers of the epidermis, and the potential irritating effect is considerably diminished, the action of the active ingredient being a mild one compared to the classic forms of retinol.

Retinol helps to unblock pores and is extremely effective in fading and treating acne imperfections. It can also help reduce signs of aging and enhances the texture and tone of the skin.

Retinol has two mechanisms of action:

  •  On the surface of the epidermis, retinol exfoliates, removing dead cells and excess sebum, helping to prevent pimples;
  • It also penetrates the deep layers of the skin where it stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Both compounds act indirectly on pimples, breakouts, blemishes and skin imperfections, reducing enlarged pores and blurring signs and scars.

In order to enhance the result of a routine with the range of activators, we recommend that you use them together with a product from the range of ultra filling oils. Thus, the ultra filling oil will be activated by the water in the composition of the activators, and together with the active ingredient dedicated to each skin type, they will trigger a synergistic action to enhance the appearance of the epidermis.

! Use the product according to the scheme sent with it in the parcel.

The product is a cosmetic product. Results may vary depending on each person, the history of their afflictions and the causes that led to their occurrence.
Although the ingredients used in the preparation of the products are of the highest quality, the use of the product does not guarantee in all cases the wished for result. Results may differ from case to case, given that each body is different and reacts differently. In some cases, the symptoms may worsen.


Plush Bio is a brand that emerged from the passion to provide fairytale textures formulated with the best active ingredients that will generate for each of you a unique skin care experience. In the Plush Bio lab, Pharm. Ioana Marinescu, specialist in "Formulation and Evaluation the dermato-cosmetic product" combines pharmaceutical knowledge with premium organic ingredients, bringing them together, with specific storage conditions and extremely gentle preservation, aspects that turn Plush Bio products into a unique experience for each customer.

Ioana Marinescu, founder of Plush Bio recommends, as a gold standard in skincare, both in the routines with Plush Bio products and in the skincare steps different from Plush Bio, ro remove make-up, both in the morning and in the evening, with all the correct steps required by this stage of the skincare routine. From the Plush Bio range, we recommend, before starting any kind of routine, cleansing the skin with a precleanser from the Plush Bio range adapted to your skin type followed by a Plush Bio cleansing cream or Plush Bio micellar water dedicated to the particularities of your skin.

Thank you for choosing Plush Bio, for using Plush Bio products, we seek excellence for your skin.

Best regards,

Pharmacist Ioana Marinescu

How is the product used?


with breakouts, blemishes, wrinkles

reduces breakouts, blemishes, wrinkles

How to use: Apply in the evening, a small quantity with light massage, on the affected areas, twice a week. We suggest using it together with one oil from the Filling Oil Range, the regenerating crema Reparatrice and the regenerating oil Reparatrice. Before using the product, we recommend testing it on a small area. If there are no sensitizing reactions, continue to apply the product twice a week in the evening.

Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding !

Do not apply in sensitive areas, perioral and periocular area!

Avoid eye contact! In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water for several minutes!

Do not use with other retinol-containing products!

Read the how to use details carefully before use!

Storage: Store between 3-15°C.

Weight: 30 ml

The product images on the site are for information only. Even if packaging differences may occur, we assure you of the quality of your Plush product.

In order to keep the freshness of Plush BIO products, we manufacture them in small batches and, therefore, it is possible that there are differences in texture and color, depending on the batch they belong to. These differences are influenced by the active substances used, because they are natural and may be differ depending on the season and the area where the raw material comes from.


Because Plush Bio products may contain allergens, before unsealing and using them, we recommend that you read the ingredients they contain carefully, and as long as you know you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients, do not use the product.

If you notice an allergic reaction as a result of using the product, stop using the product immediately and consult with a doctor.

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