Sakura Drops - face drops with cherry blossom extract

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Sakura Drops - face drops with cherry blossom extract

The concentrated serum Sakura Drops is a concentrated serum with antihistamine effect. The Japanese praised the beauty of cherry blossoms from ancient times that has become the most popular flower occupying a place in the history and culture of the country. In fact, in some contexts, the word "flower" in Japanese has become synonymous with "sakura".
The shape and color of flowers have symbolized from the ancient times the purity and simplicity.

Active ingredients / properties:

Japanese Cherry Extract (Prunus Serrulata Flower Extract)

Cherry blossom is considered a national flower in Japan.
Carrying a fragrant scent that reminds us of roses, with hints of almond, these delicate and fragile flowers are consumed both in tea, as sweetener or jam.
Known for its antioxidant properties, cherry extract has anti-inflammatory properties and an exceptional regeneration ability in the case of irritated skin.
The petals of cherry blossoms are rich in fatty acids that help restore the barrier function. 

Prunus Serrulata Flower Extract.

irritated, allergic



Aapply in the morning or evening, only 2 drops, massaging gently until completely absorbed.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Storing method: Store at room temperature.

Dose: 5 ml

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