Dear Plushers,

Since I've always considered that I need to honor your trust only with respect and reverence, I have a surprise for you.The new face, body and hair care ranges are here to ease up your beauty routines.
Beauty DNA by Pharm. Ioana Marinescu will get a new structure, better and more innovative, just for you, from the bottom of our hearts. Thus we introduce you to our new Plush universe, a universe of refinement, elegance and finesse, in which the colored Plush feathers will be your skin care guide.
Choose your favorite products from each range and get ready for a unique experience! Plush represents more than just products, conceived from premium ingredients: it is your unique experience, our dear Plushers.
Step 1 – Initial Cleansing
In the morning and evening start by removing the dust, pollution, sebum excess or even the slight impurities in your complexion. You can choose from a variety of products, such as cleansing creams or foam, as well as cleansing gels and pre-cleansers.
Step 2 – Deep Cleansing & Toning
Continue the cleansing process with your favorite micellar & tonic water, specific for your complexion. You will balance the skin’s pH and the cleansing process will be complete.
Step 3 – Serums & Elixirs
The serums and elixirs present you with the key to a healthy and brilliant skin. Now you can choose the ones just right for your complexion and can opt in for the preferred effect.
Step 4 – Oils
The enrichment of your complexion represents the secret of keeping your skin youthful and the Plush oils, through their composition (pracaxi oil, andiroba, pequi, tamanu and many more) will sustain the deep regeneration process.
Step 5 – Creams
The creams from Plush were born rom passion and ceaseless work. Fit for different types of complexion, this completes your unique beauty DNA molecule.
Step 6 – Eye care
Being the most sensible area of your complexion, the danger zone needs some special care. The products from Plush make sure that the stress and tiredness from work or unslept nights will not leave their print on the complexion’s health. Never underestimate the power of one look.
Step 7 – Specific Care
There are moments in which your complexion needs more specific care. Here you can find different types of products (creams, sprays, drops and many more) without which your complexion cannot resist in some stress conditions.
Step 8 – Scrubs
Your routine is reaching its end with the help of the step 8 scrubs! Choose your favorite natural aromas for a mechanic, enzymatic and unforgettable detox and exfoliation.
Step 9 – Masks
After the elimination of dead cells from your complexion, regenerate the skin with the help of your preferred mask, a nebula of essential oils, carefully chosen for the pickiest tastes and requests.
For the moments in which you feel the need to accentuate your features, we conceived a make-up range which, through natural ingredients, devoid of silicones, will offer you a one of a kind brilliance.
Hair & Body Product Ranges
For absolute care, we must not forget about the hair and body health. Weather you choose a hair serum or a mask, an oil or a body cream, the results will be the ones you wish for, as long as your routine becomes a way of life.
Any improvement we bring the Plush family comes from the bottom of our hearts, because we wish to remain the best for you
Thank you for the trust you put in us!
With love and respect,
Pharm. Ioana Marinescu

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